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Leipzig: Bibliographisches Institut, A German grammar for the early 's.

Geschichte Der Schrift

If you need to correspond with someone in Germany, requesting genealogical information, you will find these form letters useful. These were compiled by the staff of the Family History Library, and come complete with English translations. Family History Library. French Records Extraction. Salt Lake City, Intellectual Reserve, ?. Designed for English speakers and provides information on copying names from French birth and marriage records. Genealogical Word List: French.

Salt Lake City: Intellectual Reserve, Genealogical Word List: German. Genealogical Word List: Latin. Used for music cataloging at Yale University Library. Fraktur Script. The dictionary is designed for the family researcher who has little or no knowledge of German, but who needs to translate German language documents.

German Town Name Meanings. German True Type Fonts. There are over a dozen German fonts that are available to download in a zip file.

You can download individual fonts or the entire collection. German American Corner. German Words. Deutsche Schriftfibel [German Handwriting Primer]. Graz: Akademische Druck und Verlagsanstalt, Analysis of German handwritten letters and documents from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Low German: Platt in America. Davenport, Iowa: Hesperian Press, Orbis Latinus.

Kant: Overview of the Academy Edition

German-Latin and Latin-German dictionary of place names from all over the world. Grun, Paul Arnold.

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An excellent resource providing an analysis of each letter of the alphabet. Description of Gothic handwriting from about to Here you can learn Suetterlin - the "German handwriting".

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Excellent online tutorial on the German script and handwriting including an alphabet and scanned examples of documents. Charts to aid interpretation. Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuchverlag, Useful for geographic clues to German vocabulary. Includes dozens of maps of regional language variants. Lindow, Wolfgang, and Claus Schuppenhauer, eds. Everything currently in print in or about Low Saxon - Invaluable and inexpensive for those wanting to locate Low Saxon books and literature in the language itself; in German.


A lecture in German about Low Saxon until the present day - includes study materials, regional dictionaries, etc. Peter-Ording Germany : H. GRT Publications, ISBN: Contact: grtpublications juno. Minert, Roger P. XVII 1 , pp. Columbus, Ohio: Palatines to America. Description of the application of linguistic geography to German family history research. ASIN: Shows the researcher the kinds of vowel and consonant variations that occur in names and why, when, and where the changes can occur.

Moravian German Script Tutorial. Examples of upper and lower case writing. Old German Scripts and Fonts. Links to numerous sites. Bruckmann, Provides more than , words translated between German and English. A study of successive alphabets and handwriting styles in Germany from the early Middle Ages to modern times, featuring many different styles. The concept is often explained through a now canonical passage by cultural historian Thomas Macho :.

The following years saw numerous, largely German publications, notably in the special book series of major humanities publishers Wilhelm Fink, diaphanes.

German Genealogy

An English volume on cultural techniques is forthcoming from Fordham University Press. Fields and theories : Classics , Art history , History of architecture , Anthropology , Semiotics , Philosophy of technology , Marxist aesthetics , Design research , Humanities computing , Structuralism , Poststructuralism , Mediology , Media archaeology , Cyberfeminism , Cultural techniques , Neuroaesthetics , Posthumanities , Sensory ethnography , Media ecology , Digital humanities , Software studies , Modern periodical studies , Accelerationism.

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