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The KPI of coverage requirement helps to track what percentage of the requirements are being covered by a single test — this would serve as a pointer or guide for both the efficiency of the testing and the quality of the software. Yet another method to evaluate whether the software testing efforts are working is the KPI of escaped defects. It would therefore, be necessary to effectively record and report this data back to the business.

With Agile Testing, velocity is another useful and specific measurement — measuring the amount of work the testing team is able to complete within a timeframe. Velocity is estimated by committing a certain amount of time by each team.

Why do you need Software Testing Metrics?

To understand whether the velocity is achieved and the speed at which the team is able to put out working software, is by comparing the actual velocity with the time committed. Within SDLC, testing typically is the slowest part, and a higher velocity would mean progressing faster with software testing. Businesses that operate outside the realm of IT and Software would naturally have concerns over the efficacy of metrics and KPIs in the testing process, and hence would need the expertise of a knowledgeable software testing partner to allay their apprehensions.

Such a partner would be able to deliver tangible benefits and results, by ensuring that software testing is never measured at an individual level, for example, counting test cases done by individual testers. In addition, an expert service partner will actually use the contemporary Agile Approach, as opposed to some who may simply have ported from the old Waterfall model, without making an evaluation of the benefits within the context of Agile.

It is therefore, imperative to make an informed and right decision with regard to the software testing partner.

Despite these hurdles, the fact remains that both metrics and KPIs serve to enhance the quality and delivery of software and serve as methods for continuous improvement. Of course, these are only parts of the entire gamut of software quality testing, and a business would benefit from working with a partner that can provide a holistic approach of quality and improvement within this realm.

The closer to 1 DRE is, the fewer defects found after product delivery. This metric serves a similar purpose as keeping track of the evolution for your number of bugs. It might be redundant to track both of them.

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We have a preference for the number of bugs as you can differentiate which bug priority matters to you now and still have a notion of the overall amount not just the trend. Application crash rate is calculated by dividing how many times an application fails F by how many times it is used U. But there are actually several ways you can compute it. This metric is interesting when you have a specific goal in mind. For instance, you could strive to reach an ACR that is less than 0. Size-oriented metrics focus on the size of the software and are usually expressed as kilo lines of code KLOC.

It is a fairly easy software metric to collect once decisions are made about what constitutes a line of code. Unfortunately, it is not useful for comparing software projects written in different languages.

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Function-oriented metrics focus on how much functionality software offers. But the functionality cannot be measured directly. Function points are also useful for comparing software projects written in different languages. That metric would look at errors per FP or defects per FP. Function points are not an easy concept to master and methods vary. This is why many software development managers and teams skip function points altogether.

How Software Metrics Lack Clarity

They do not perceive function points as worth the time. Size-oriented metrics that rely on lines of code make them not useful per se. And function-oriented metrics are difficult to compute and agree on. You might want to introduce control measures with them, but there might be better indicators for that in the list. Another indicator of the technical debt is how outdated the dependencies used in your codebase are. It could be interesting to track this, as an average of all dependencies, possibly with a variant, so you could identify when one is very old and should require your attention.

This metric should be interesting to technical leads especially. This is too operational and linked to the code base to be used by a manager. If your projects have many dependencies, keeping track of the dependency age should definitely be considered. Please note that some metrics may have not made the list because they were either not popular enough, or too far-fetched to draw any value from them.

Remember software metrics should be easily understandable and should potentially lead to change and have business value. Some metrics you may have in mind might also be part of velocity-related metrics and process-related metrics that I address in the advanced guide to software engineering metrics.

Software Quality Metrics

Whatever metrics you choose to use, you need to follow a few rules, if you ever want to use engineering metrics in a non-toxic and efficient way. For more on that topic,I would recommend reading this article. The end goal is to build a comprehensive list of best practices concerning software engineering metrics to help teams improve their own processes. Published at DZone with permission of John Lafleur. See the original article here. Over a million developers have joined DZone.

Let's be friends:. Measuring your quality assurance efforts helps you improve your software quality framework, understand your product quality more deeply, and create a more efficient software testing process. To learn more about how these metrics can be used to improve and optimize your QA strategy, listen to our webinar, 5 Essential Quality Metrics that Matter.

In the webinar, we dive deeper into the key metrics that every team must measure to succeed, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that surround QA metrics. Delivering B2C applications that consistently impress users requires a careful balance between the speed of…. QA Strategy.

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