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Could I have your permission to share a modified version on my soon-to-launch blog? I would certainly include a link back to your original recipe. Sounds like your version is great too! Thank you! These were delicious! My son is such a picky eater I call him the chicken nugget King. I fooled him into trying these and he loved them!

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Mommy loved them too! Have you ever frozen these by chance? If so do they freeze and reheat well? Wondering if anyone has made these and frozen them? I need to make up stuff that I can keep on hand for my son. Going back to work in 2 months and I will be home latish and want to have food I can just put together on the fly. Great recipe! I also added a handful of chickpeas to the mix. We had them with pesto and cranberry sauce for dipping my kids have found a love for cranberry sauce on anything crumbed…at least lots of veggies in there.

It has been extremely difficult to get my daughter to eat veggies. I made a batch and she ate 10 of them!!! Can you make these and then freeze them? How long would they last in the fridge and also the freezer? They look great. Perfect for lunchbox. Can we do prep work the night before, refrigerate and fry them in the morning? Can they be frozen as well? Please post more ideas like this. Made this last night for my son who dislikes veggies! It turned out delicious as all the adults enjoyed it!

My boy however said it tastes rotten!

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Got to keep on trying! Thanks for this lovely recipe! These are terrific! They are messy when forming the nuggets and coating in the breadcrumbs but so totally worth it! I used a frozen box of chopped broccali and steamed it briefly on the stove.

Allow me to tackle everything terrifying about this story to a child.

I hope my kids like these as much as I do! Thanks so very much for sharing! My daughter is gluten free so I make this with the according bread crumbs. The problem I get every time is they fall apart. Nothing I do seems to stop it. Any tips? I tried this recipe yesterday. The mixture came out very creamy and was impossible to form into balls. I had the hardest time blending it together.

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Hi Kelly—I wonder if maybe you over-processed it and it turned into sort of a paste. Thank you for this! Question: If I wanted to omit the cheese, should I replace it with something to help bind? Any thoughts? Great recipe idea:.

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Loooove this recipe! Do we get seasoned breadcrumbs in store? If not, what seasoning do I need to add and to what type of breadcrumbs Panko etc.? Also, what does divided mean? Seasoned breadcrumbs are breadcrumbs with seasoning and they will be labeled that way in the store. You could also buy plain breadcrumbs.

Personally I think these nuggets are super flavorful and could probably be made with plain breadcrumbs and still be yummy.

These are often requested at my home. My boyfriend loves these and so does my room mate.

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  • We like to dip ours in Sriracha Mayo and my boyfriend dips his in Ranch his fave condiment. I love making them since they are easy and quick and I usually have all of the ingredients on hand. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

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    • This recipe sounds great for my picky 2. As the recipe calls for 3 cups of florets, would this be the same as 3 cups of riced broccoli? You want a consistency that forms easily into a ball, so if you want to try the riced broccoli I would start with perhaps two cups and see what texture you get—you can always add more broccoli if the mixture needs to be bulked up a bit. Hope that helps!

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      Never complained about no meat. I sliced up a couple sweet potatoes and baked them fries as a side. I made these and they were awesome!! My 7 year old loved it. I just made these and they turned out well. They definitely are not like nuggets, but more like veggie patties.

      I decided to bake mine and they turned out great! They had a nice little crisp. I baked them at degrees for 15 minutes, then flipped them and baked another 10 minutes. Honestly, you could probably get away with 10 minutes a side. Regardless, they turned out very well! Thank you for sharing! I do honestly like carrots and broccoli—broccoli has been my favorite green veggie for as long as i can remember. I follow Bright Line Eating, which means no flour products. Any suggestions for replacing the breadcrumbs in the recipe? Hi Ann—Sorry about that.

      Thank you for letting me know and hope you like them! I make these for my 1 year old and she loves them The recipe is pretty big for just her though. Or if I should cook first, then freeze? If anyone is interested, I made these in my air fryer Go Wise. I cooked them at for 8 minutes and flipped them halfway through.

      They were delicious.