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Italian neorealism is conventionally read as the authoritative cinematic . and the returned soldiers was complex and fraught: although in the Comitato di . For example, in Cuori senza frontiere, Raf Vallone's ex-soldier returns to his tiny village . In the reduce's thirst for justice or vendetta the inadequacy of the legal.

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They resolved to winter there regularly in the years to come and to settle in Bordighera the images above show views from ca. When they arrived back in Italy, however, they were dismayed to find that the house owner was no longer willing to sell; though he did allow the MacDonalds to stay in the home while they made other living arrangements.

Met with a difficult problem to solve, MacDonald embarked on an endeavor to build a house for his family, which for him was an exciting project requiring his vast creativity. The house was designed with the needs for both a large family and the hospitality of guests in mind.

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The house was a gift from friends, a testimony to the esteem they had for MacDonald. Lion Publishing, Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House Publishers, Casa Coraggio not only gave the MacDonald family a wonderful home, but it also gave them adequate space for plays, lectures, musical performances, and the ability to host a steady stream of friends and relatives as well.

The novel Doctor Antonio , published in English in by Italian exile Giovanni Ruffini, introduced its British readers of the beautiful scenery in Bordighera and enticed them to visit. Reynolds goes on to say:. Wade Center, 3. The British came to Italy not just because of the scenery, but also, like the MacDonalds, for health reasons and the hope of escaping or being cured of tuberculosis. Once there, they created a number of charitable and philanthropic endeavors in the area, sharing in the welfare-minded movements of the Victorian era of which MacDonald was also a part.

As mentioned earlier, the MacDonalds suffered additional deaths in the family during the years they lived in Italy. They would also lose daughters Grace d. May 5, and Lily d. November 22, , and their little granddaughter Octavia at just nine years old d. MacDonald himself d.

September 18, was cremated in Britain but buried in Bordighera, next to his wife Louisa d. January 13, , and daughters Grace and Lily. Indeed, Bordighera not only nurtured George MacDonald with its beauty, but its temperate climate also helped to restore his health, thereby enabling him to have time and strength to write a number of his best-loved works — ones that would be enjoyed for generations to come.

Wade Center. See the end of this post for more on the name change.


This volume of VII highlights influences on the Wade authors, particularly the importance of family, friendship, and career background. Crystal Hurd provides new insight and background information on C. And Christine Fletcher examines Dorothy L. The relationship Albert Lewis had with his sons Warren Warnie and Clive Jack was complex, as is a common occurrence between parents and children. It contains personal and anecdotal comments gathered by both sons over the course of eight years along with an introduction by C.

Albert once pronounced that Birmingham was one of the most beautiful cities in England. However, when asked if he had ever visited, he replied he had not. Paraphrase of statement inscribed by C. Well a whiff of grapeshot would soon settle that. Christine M. This experience in the advertising industry was formative in the life of Dorothy L.

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It not only helped provide financial support for the young writer, but it was also part of the world she created in her detective novels. Sayers and C. Volume 32 also includes other articles on Lewis, Williams, and the Inklings. Remembrances in the issue honor Dr. Edwards, a foremost Lewis scholar and a mentor to many. VII also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Wade Center with the poem specially written by poet Luci Shaw to commemorate this milestone in the life of the Wade.

Several photos from the celebration on October 29 accompany the poem. The longtime VII reader will also note the updated subtitle of the journal. As scholarship on the seven Wade authors has grown and deepened over the past half century, there has been increased interest in the works of these authors worldwide.

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When Dr. Clyde S. Kilby, Dr. Barbara Reynolds, and Dr. However, now with an increasingly international readership in mind, the subtitle no longer applies; thus, as of this volume of VII , the name was changed to VII: Journal of the Marion E. Wade Center in order to more adequately reflect the truly global readership and scholarship on these seven authors.

Please visit the VII website for more information about this volume and back issues.

Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)

Note that beginning with Volume 31, VII is now available for purchase online. Works Cited: Kilby, Clyde S. New York: Ballantine, Its photographs are a feast to the eyes. The accumulated information and insights are a treasure trove. Our thanks also go to Jennifer for the editorial expertise and creative work she contributed to make this issue such a success. On November 22, , C. Eliot, and W.

The service was dignified; the organ thundered; the choir sang. I was there. My husband, kids, and I spent the days before the service joining fellow Lewis enthusiasts at a meeting of the Oxford C. On the way home, we visited Dublin, Ireland and attended the Sunday morning worship service at Trinity College.

There I met a woman who became interested in our trip to the Lewis memorial. But she was puzzled by my being there on behalf of a Christian magazine. And I wondered: Though Christians have valued his work for decades, how much did Lewis and his friends and mentors change the society around them? What legacy did they leave to the modern secular world?

That question was part of the reason I was in Oxford and London. I was covering the memorial celebration for issue of Christian History magazine , which was dedicated to the seven authors whom the Wade Center collects. They explained to our readers in fresh and entertaining ways how the Seven Sages expressed a vision for society in areas ranging from economics to education to the environment; a vision for Christian literature in their powerfully moving treatments of goodness and self-sacrifice; and a vision for discipleship in their pictures of love in community.

The magazine has turned out to be one of our runaway best-sellers since Christian History returned to publication by Christian History Institute in But, not wanting to neglect others who have known and loved these authors for years as well, I commend the issue to you. Read, marvel, and enjoy! Jennifer Woodruff Tait Ph. From she was the recording secretary for the New York C. Lewis Society. She lives in Richmond, KY on an 8-acre farm with her husband who proposed to her on the bridge in London where G. Chesterton proposed to Frances , her two daughters both of whom love Narnia and Middle-earth , and her in-laws.

The Wade Center owns over 2, volumes from the personal library of C. Most of the books were acquired from Wroxton College in , and others have been added from time to time from other donors or purchases. The books offer a unique look into the reading habits, imagination, and mind of Lewis himself, and many of them contain his handwritten notes and markings. Besides the markings, however, are the books themselves as physical artifacts. Observing the different bindings, seeing which ones are worn or barely touched, adds to the stories the volumes tell. In some cases Lewis mentions specific books in his writings, and it is always a thrill for Wade patrons to then hold that same referenced book in their hands.

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