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Italian neorealism is conventionally read as the authoritative cinematic . and the returned soldiers was complex and fraught: although in the Comitato di . For example, in Cuori senza frontiere, Raf Vallone's ex-soldier returns to his tiny village . In the reduce's thirst for justice or vendetta the inadequacy of the legal.

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Everything in this place is offbeat and unexpected, if not disproportional: its volumes and forms, its modern feel and design, all exude a kind of poetic softness. As a little girl, Nathalie Richard already knew she wanted to work in the hotel industry. But she persisted in her dream. Having graduated from a big business school, she found herself running one of the family brasseries. But she decided to continue her studies by following hotel management training in New York.

Slowly but surely, she followed her dream, until, one day, Groupe Richard came across an acquisition opportunity, in It was also home to her art collection during her residence there and was revisited in the s. Remnants of this aristocratic era include the magnificent main staircase with its finely-crafted ceiling, the stain-glassed. Le Marignan hotel re-opened in in its new, subtle but noble surroundings of wood, metal, stone and marble. And the result is stunning in its demonstration of refinement and good taste. Nathalie Richard hired architect Vincent Bastie and interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch for the job, specifying her desire for a new-generation hotel, a contemporary but homely residence.

Precise and demanding and favoring refined lines and customization, Yovanovitch used straight lines which he then softened with unusual round objects. His daring and innovation in the details are a pleasure to the eye.

Case in point: the snake-red couch in the lobby, arc-shaped bookshelf couches in the bar and huge snowball cushions in the suites, to name a few. Additional serenity is obtained via the lighting — hanging central light fixtures and ceramic wall lamps - for greater volume enhancement. Un sigle, un logo, une marque! Le plus? An undisputed testimony to the lure of Hotel Montalembert within literary and artistic circles alike. Designers, actors, writers and journalists, and celebrities from all over come here to stay, time and time again, because it feels like home.

Certain French writers, like Philippe Sollers, have even set up an additional office there, to inspire their writing. The restaurant has a VIP space, for those wishing to lunch or dine in private; its name is the Gallimard lounge, named after the famous publishing house nearby. At the helm of this literary ship stands Myriam Kournaf, a lively and exuberant woman from Nice, on the French Riviera. Of the 54 rooms decorated by architect Christian Liaigre, the attic suites on the 8th and top floor are the obvious choice.

An acronym, a logo, a brand name in its own right! The hotel suite is a combination of dream and legend but its finest feature is its unhindered view of the Eiffel Tower, lit up, in all its glory! The never-before-seen handwritten letters written by John F.

Onze verhalen - Designer-kleding voor Heren

However, photos and books on the president are there for guests to peruse at their leisure. Meanwhile, down in the restaurant,. Deyrolle: a futuristic institution in a museum-like showroom According to Louis-Albert de Broglie, the current owner of this legendary Parisian store, the Deyrolle information boards, which have been updated and translated for worldwide use, are a lesson for the future. While riding on the Internet wave, they have lost nothing of their original educational vocation. Deyrolle is a one-of-a-kind institution that knows how to combine luxury and education, in style!

Some of you may remember the large posters and boards that the science teachers used to hold up in class, an illustrated prop for their anatomy, botany and zoology lessons! Nowadays, former students and collectors alike sift through antique dealer stalls in search of these remnants of the old-school days! While it boomed from the sales of its boards, taxidermy and various pieces of equipment, it seemed doomed at the turn of the 21st century. First off, he literally stepped right out of the bank and into his garden, planting a unique orchard with some different varieties of tomatoes, in the grounds of his castle hotel.

He also went on to save it from a fate worse than death a second time, in , when a fire broke out and ravaged part of the collection. Then, take in the beauty of Nature and wonder at the astounding items, like something out of a Natural History Museum or a museum of hunting and Nature. The bestiary that resides there is exceptional, peopled with a lion, a bear, a zebra and various hunting trophies. This wooded showroom, with its huge 20, plus-strong collection of curiosities, also has an atmosphere that is to be found nowhere else.


This is his own personal battle and a fine life-lesson for the rest of us! Krug La philosophie du plaisir est le fondement de la Maison Krug. Les bulles, gracieuses et subtiles, font de ce champagne un produit unique. Par Michelle Torres. Krug The House of Krug is based on the philosophy of pleasure.

Champagne, at its best, is made to have a sensational and unforgettable effect on those who taste it—such is the experience of Krug. Founded by Joseph Krug, it is the only House that offers five Prestige Cuvees that are all unique but at the same time equal in quality. Each Cuvee is a distinct, sensorial experience that does not overwhelm, but rather lingers like an unforgettable memory.


Ever graceful, even the bubbles are subtle, making way for this Champagne to shine. Each bottle takes over 20 years to create. It is beyond vintage—a Champagne that is as exceptional as its name. Today, after nearly years, Hennessy is infamous around the world for crafting cognac with attention, finesse, and affection. Its cellars are full with more than , casks from year old oak trees, exclusively from French forests—it is the largest reserve of cognac in the world.

Each one is aged for at least fifty years and once at the top of its potential, is carefully encased to preserve its exceptional quality. Jasmine and orange greet you upon first taste, followed by an intensity that only gives way to floral notes that will leave you with a lasting impression. Its worldwide events, such as Belvedere Beat, attract famous personalities and industry movers who congregate in celebration of joie de vivre. At its very core, however, is an authenticity that pays homage to how vodka has been crafted for over years.

Each Belvedere bottle is distilled four times, perfecting the balance and flavours of what you eventually get in your glass. With flavours that range from Black Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit to Bloody Mary and Citrus, the pureness of vodka is never sacrificed through a proprietary artisanal process called maceration. Belvedere Citrus, for one, is a fine example of a flavourful vodka perfect for Spring. Using only real fruit, crisp citrus and lime aromas are drawn out and finished with a hint of acidity that leaves the palate fresh. Mix with grapefruit juice and simple syrup for a Belvedere Citrus Collins cocktail—the perfect drink to welcome the new season.

Pour la maison : des coussins qui ont du chien! Currently they work on a joint concert series in Europe with the legendary Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Discover with them the delicate beauty and fizzing power of a different Balkan sound. Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys began thirty years ago with a reputation for excellence.

Jarlath Henderson Homebase: Ireland.

Sénégal : Votre prochaine voiture se trouve ici

A talented and versatile musician, Jarlath also plays whistle, flute, cittern and has recently been winning over audiences with song. In he became the first and only Irish solo artist to win the prestigious BBC Young Folk Musician of the Year Award, which led to him being invited to play at some of the most prestigious festivals in Europe. In he released his first album, 'Partners in Crime' Vertical Records with fellow border piper Ross Ainslie, followed by their second release 'Air-Fix' in Both albums received outstanding critical acclaim from the general folk world, with the debut release being voted '6th Best Folk Album' of by Mojo Magazine.

It took 10 years for Ulster-born piper Jarlath Henderson to convert his Young Folk Award into a solo album, so busy has he been with collaborations two records with Ross Ainslie , and with qualifying as a doctor. Now 29, he has delivered a handsome traditional album in 'Hearts Broken, Heads Turned', eight antique songs given modern treatments. Guardian Jarlath's hotly-anticipated solo debut was launched at Celtic Connections An assemblage of traditional folk songs from across Ireland and the UK, it comprises bold yet sensitive arrangements of traditional songs, also featuring Henderson on guitar and cittern, together with his hand-picked accompanying line-up of Hamish Napier keyboards, flute , Innes Watson fiddle, guitar and Duncan Lyall double bass.

Renowned primarily for his extraordinary prowess on uilleann pipes and whistles, while fast emerging as an equally gifted vocalist, Jarlath has performed and recorded in such illustrious company as The Transatlantic Sessions, Jack Bruce, Lau, Capercaillie, Paddy Keenan, Salsa Celtica, Phil Cunningham and Michael McGoldrick.

Les meilleures recette de grand-mère en Europe

When not performing with his band, solo or alongside Ross Ainslie, Jarlath regularly guests with Scottish folk legends Capercaillie, Salsa Celtica and in Phil Cunningham's annual Hogmanay house band. About 30 minutes into the rehearsal, I asked Roddie if he would sing a few tunes. We finished rehearsal, played our gig, did the song, and both left smiling.

I asked my rhythm section, Josef Butts and my son Trevor Landry to record with us. Zondi gathered the youth to teach them about gumboot dancing and that is how Crocodile Gum Boot Dancing Group was born. Sweet Crude Homebase: Louisiana. Over the past few years, Sweet Crude has managed to take the music and language of Louisiana and produce a completely fresh music that thrusts century-old traditions into the present.

The six-piece band consistently delivers exciting shows featuring enough drums for a small marching band, exuberantly bellowed harmonies, and lyrics that jump from English to Louisiana French in a single verse. Boasting surnames like Marceaux and Chachere, Sweet Crude seeks to reconnect with their lineage in a way that draws on their own modern influences, while nodding to the music and language of their ancestors.

Bagad Plougastell Homebase: France - Bretagne.

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Musical Collaborations: Cercle Celtique Traditional Breton dancers : The Bagad has a long-lasting history of co-working with various Breton traditional dance groups allowing us to showcase our music with the help of the dancers. Cha Wa Homebase: Louisiana. Motel Radio Homebase: United States. Motel Radio is an indie rock band hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The band was born out of a songwriting collaboration between college roommates, Ian Wellman and Winston Triolo, that has since grown into a full band consisting of Eric Lloyd drums , Andrew Pancamo bass , and David Hart keys.