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Research your state's homeschool laws.

Step 1: Research homeschool laws for your state.

Most states require that you notify the school that you are withdrawing your student and submit a notice of your intent to homeschool to the county or state school superintendent. Even if your child is under your state's minimum compulsory age, most states will require that you report for a child who has already been enrolled in school. Check with your statewide homeschooling association. Contact your local homeschool support group. You shouldn't feel pressured to purchase curriculum right away. You may want to try some of these at least until you determine which curriculum will be the best fit for your family long-term.

Discuss the decision with your child. Some children may not want to homeschool.

Your Homeschool Blueprint

If this is the case with your child, talk about why he is reluctant and see what you can do to address his concerns. Even if your child is excited about starting to homeschool, he may not want to tell his friends until his last day at school to avoid unwanted questions, or he may want to let them know a few days before so that he can make plans to stay connected with them.

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Socialization: Your child might miss his friends and feel lonely. You can help him through this period by inviting his friends over and getting involved in activities in your community. This training in essay-style examinations prepares children for adulthood and college. Other aspects of a Charlotte Mason education include the formation of the good habits of self-discipline , concentration, truthfulness, self-control, cooperation and unselfishness.

Ask a Homeschooler

The core of Classical Education is the trivium. The trivium is a Bible based model of the three stages of learning or cognitive developement: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

The trivium emphasizes concrete thinking and memorization of the facts of the subjects in grade school; analytical thinking and understanding of the subjects in middle school; and abstract thinking and articulation of the subjects in high school. Subjects unique to Classical Education which help accomplish the goals of the trivium are Grammar, the science of language usage; Logic, the science of right thinking; and Rhetoric, the science of verbal and written expression. Classical Christian Education is further characterized by a rich exposure to the history, art, and culture of Western Civilization, including its languages Latin and Greek , its philosophy and literature the Great Books of Western Civilization and the Christian tradition , and the development of a Biblical worldview with Theology in its proper place as the Queen of the Sciences.

Curriculum can be purchased at great savings by shopping online or through catalogs. Most states have annual homeschool conventions where you can browse vendors and get a hands on look at the products they carry. This list of the most popular homeschool curriculum vendors will get you started.

How to Start Homeschooling - 6 Steps

Just click on the curriculum link on your left. Bob Jones You can purchase Bob Jones curriculum through us too!

You woke up recently and realized that your tomorrows are now TODAY.

Christian Liberty Academy You can find the link to Christian Liberty on our resources page! Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. Now that you have determined what resources you will be using you will need to develop short and long-term goals, and establish a tentative calendar and schedule.

Do you want to school all year or just during the public school season? Do you want to cover each subject daily or would you like to do science on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and History on Tuesday and Thursday? Will you work half a day or all day? Do you want to get together with other homeschoolers for art on Fridays?


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These are all questions you will need to think and bout and the decisions you make will be largely determined by your families needs, size, schedule, the ages of your children and their study habits and styles, and the curriculum you choose to use. But one of the greatest joys of homeschooling is the choice is yours and the freedom to run your own schedule is one of the benefits you will enjoy.

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter homeschool and thanks be to God for that! Most importantly, it can be a place where children are free to experiment, discover, and learn in a nurturing atmosphere.

Indiana Homeschooling Laws

Step 4: Develop Your Approach Sure, it might initially be easier to grab a package of material and go; but how do you know it will take you where you are headed — unless you know where you are headed? Developing your own approach to educating your children at home does require an investment of time and a willingness to learn. But the long-term benefits for parents, children, and home-life are definitely worth the investment! Step 6: Managing Materials With such a variety of homeschooling materials to choose from, how do you know what will work for you?