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Flynn had faced sentencing on Tuesday for the crime of lying to federal investigators about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition period. The request to delay followed a stern rebuke of Flynn by Sullivan and a warning from the judge that Flynn could go to prison. Flynn left the court in Washington without making a statement. There was no Collusion! A high-ranking senior official of the government making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation while on the physical premises of the White House. Arguably, you sold your country out.

After a recess in the hearing, Sullivan backtracked on his characterization of Flynn as a foreign agent, noting that Flynn appeared to have ended his work for Turkey in November — when he was still a Trump adviser, but before his brief White House tenure.

After the recess, Sullivan said he was posing the question out of curiosity. The constitution narrowly defines treason as making war on the United States or giving aid and comfort to an enemy in war.

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Flynn would have been the first former White House aide to be sentenced in the Russia investigation. The former Trump aide Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison last week, while former aide Paul Manafort awaits sentencing on felony fraud and money laundering charges. While Flynn accepted guilt, the memo said, he had not been advised before an FBI interview that lying to the agents was illegal.

As part of his plea deal, Flynn admitted he had lied to FBI agents about discussing US sanctions on Russia with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador at the time, during the presidential transition. He is not the only one wondering. Has a wave of mergers and acquisitions killed competition?

‘Shadow’ patterns

If not, then why does everything look the same? Why do you find the same rate across several sites? Also, do travelers looking for summer deals have options other than those offered by large online travel companies? In fact, only one in five bookings is made through online travel sites like Expedia, he says. An additional 10 percent are corporate agency bookings, but the balance are direct bookings, in which travelers like Woods click directly on a site such as Marriott.

Online agencies can also bundle various components, such as airline tickets, hotel rooms and activities, to offer more value. There is no question that when it comes to booking travel through an online agency, it feels as though customers have fewer choices than they used to.

Some observers have even called Expedia and Booking a duopoly, implying that they have a stranglehold on the online travel market. But a closer look at the competitive landscape suggests that players such as TripAdvisor and Google are giving the big names in online travel a run for their money — and keeping things competitive, at least in the short term. By the way, there is an explanation for the sameness of the deals.

But the agencies continue to compete with one another for your business. So what are your options for booking travel? The conventional wisdom has been to start your search with an online travel agency. The sites let you query a variety of travel suppliers for the best option.

Federal Agent - Good Luck is no Good

If nothing else, the results will give you an approximate idea of how much you should expect to pay. But that strategy may not always work, says Stephen Fofanoff, who manages the Domaine Madeleine, a boutique hotel in Port Angeles, Washington. Fofanoff and many other hotel operators contend that Expedia and Booking. In , a California hotel operator filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Expedia, alleging that the online agency purchases bogus advertisements promoting deals at unaffiliated properties. When customers attempt to book the advertised deals, the lawsuit alleges, Expedia claims that they are sold out and diverts customers to its partner hotels instead.

A federal judge in March partially certified the class-action suit. Hotels are fighting back.

Financial Companies Rack Up Complaints, but Good Luck Finding Them — NerdWallet

For example, if you are headed up to Sun Valley, Idaho, the Hotel Ketchum offers a special rate for guests who book directly. The hotel can afford to cut its rate and add a welcome gift because it is saving 20 percent by getting the booking directly. Maybe the strategy of starting your search with an online agency is outdated, experts say.

That is true when an online agency has negotiated a better deal by bundling air and hotel accommodations into a package. Nusinoff and other experts advise starting your search with a preferred travel company, and then checking with an online agency to make sure the price is as low as possible.