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H e also cruelly suggested that Nicola's father, Barrie, was to blame, telling the jury the police had spent "32 years building a case against the wrong man". He told the court he wanted to go back to his more relaxed life at Frankland jail, home to some of the UK's most notorious criminals. He was the journalist who went on to find international fame interviewing Diana Princess of Wales, the Stephen Lawrence suspects and Michael Jackson.

But Martin Bashir almost caused a cold case review into the Babes in the Wood murders to collapse when he was accused of losing some crucial evidence that he had been loaned by Karen Hadaway's family. But he was accused of failing to return the items and when in , Sussex Police decided to reexamine some of the evidence, he said he could not remember the incident. His manager at the time said he had no recollection of ever meeting the Hadaway family or collecting the items in question. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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But she survived and was able to identify Bishop who was subsequently jailed for life. She said: "After 32 years of fighting, we finally have justice for Karen and Nicola. A predatory paedophile. Russell Bishop truly is evil personified. At around 3. The suspect Russell Bishop, a petty local criminal, who was known to the girls and their families, fell under suspicion in the early stages of the investigation because of his close involvement in the search. The blunders Despite forensic evidence linking Bishop to the crime, a series of blunders in the prosecution case meant he was acquitted by the jury after just two hours of deliberations.

Forensic scientists also failed to analyse blood discovered on Karen's underwear. The top had been found close to the railway line Moulsecoomb Station. Perjury investigation Miss Johnson could now be investigated for perjury over allegations she lied during the original trial. How Martin Bashir was accused of almost derailing the investigation He was the journalist who went on to find international fame interviewing Diana Princess of Wales, the Stephen Lawrence suspects and Michael Jackson. He approached the Hadaway family offering to arrange DNA tests on items of her clothing.

Among the items were nine-year-old Karen's sweatshirt, t-shirt and knickers. A BBC spokesman said the corporation had no comment to make on the matter.

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We've noticed you're adblocking. He showed no emotion as he held a cigarette in his left hand after he sexually assaulted and strangled the pair in Wild Park. In , he was also seen handing out leaflets asking the people of Brighton for information in relation to the murders.

Meanwhile, a chilling recording of Karen mum's Michelle phoning to report her daughter as missing was released by police.

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She said she had been "walking around for hours and nearly collapsed" after trying to find her daughter. Nicola and Karen. Our beautiful girls. We will never forget their smiles that would light up a room. Their laughter.

Their cheekiness. During the past eight weeks, we have endured re-living the horrific details of their murders and we have learned an awful lot about the true meaning of heartbreak all over again. We stand here as two families united in our grief. United in our fight for justice. We are extremely relieved and grateful that our 32 years hard fought battle has been a success, finally getting the rightful long-awaited justice for both of our girls.

We want to thank our police teams and counsel, who have been fantastic during the past couple of decades. He is a monster. A predatory paedophile. Russell Bishop truly is evil personified. Nigel Pilkington, of Crown Prosecution Service South East, said Bishop is an "extremely dangerous man" who had been convicted on "overwhelming and incontrovertible" evidence. He said: "He is a violent predatory paedophile and he gets cross when you call him that. He also considers himself to be a victim in the sense of the conviction.

He said Bishop had tried to blame Nicola's father to create "the most havoc" possible, adding: "There is not a shred of evidence against Barrie Fellows, not realistically at all. Meghan and Harry show off baby Archie in official royal christening photos.

He said: "I still feel it's a shadow over Brighton to this day. I'm very proud of the investigation we have put together. He found 13 fibres on the Pinto matching those of Karen's green sweatshirt and was also able to confirm the presence of at least four that matched fibres from Nicola's pink jumper.

October 10, - Victims found in woods in Wild Park, Brighton. December 3, - Bishop charged with the murders. December 10, - After a four week trial, Bishop is acquitted of both murders and released. February 4, - Bishop arrested for kidnap, indecent assault and attempted murder of a seven-year-old girl at Devil's Dyke, East Sussex. January 19, - Bishop convicted of kidnap, indecent assault and attempted murder and sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years.

April - Double jeopardy laws - on people being able to be tried twice for same offence twice - are changed. January - Forensic tests link Bishop and the Pinto sweatshirt. Autumn - Families of both victims informed there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a fresh case against Bishop.

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November 3, - Full reinvestigation of forensics. May 10, - Russell Bishop rearrested. December - His acquittal was quashed. December - He is finally convicted of the murders. On the girls' clothing Mr Green confirmed that there was a single fibre matching the Pinto on tapings taken from Karen's t-shirt and skirt during the post mortem examinations. He also confirmed on other tapings from the t-shirt a total of 34 matching fibres from the Pinto, as well as 11 from her skirt, five from her underwear and at least 12 on her green sweatshirt. On Nicola's clothing at least 13 fibres found on her pink jumper matched fibres from the Pinto in addition to three on her skirt and one on her underwear.

In an attempt to determine whether there was any support for the assertion Bishop had actually worn the Pinto experts looked at tapings taken from the inside and outside of the jumper. Another one-in-a-billion hit on a taping taken from the outside of the Pinto matched Bishop's DNA whilst another taping from the outside back of the jumper indicated Bishop could have contributed to the sample.

Samples matching Bishop and his long-term partner were also recovered from the inside of the garment whilst four hairs recovered from it were also found to match his DNA sample.

Babes In The Wood victim's mum says 'angel' is now at peace after killer jailed - Mirror Online

Mr Green also examined tapings that were taken from Karen and used to recover fibres and other debris from exposed areas of the skin. Each was searched for the presence of skin flakes and submitted for DNA testing. One taken from Karen's left forearm produced a one-in-a-billion match with Bishop.

Prosecutor Brian Altman QC told the jury: 'The science alone is quite simply so overwhelming as to prove not only that this defendant wore the Pinto, but also that the Pinto was worn by him when he killed those two girls'.